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I realize that lately there is no one willing to subbed Arashi and Johnny's Medley in any performance... actually I want try to subbed but my laptop not willing to do..he acting up..huh! (T T)
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well well well
from time to times i look at arashi
still i can't get enough of them and really hope to see them making some asia tour again..
also i really want to see arashi perform in korean entertainment or variety show..
we keep seeing korean artist in japan showbiz but never see japan artist making frequent visit in korean channel...
lastly, hope arashi could make some winning in Mnet Asian Music Award (MAMA), afterall akb48 and karyu pamyu pamyu already win this category before...
arashi fans no minna san.. ganbare..
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as i mention on the subject,...
to all malaysian friends..
vs arashi were on air at 8tv channel on every tuesday 12.45 a.m....
as i can see here, they are airing +-ep 119 which their plus one guest is aikawa sho vs team intelligent...
but as you can say, the translation is not high standart cause they cut off some gag that inappropiate for muslims culture...
even that happen, lets still watch it for all people will turn to likes arashi all around the world...
hope 8tv can make another segment for japanese drama appear more in malaysian tv and not only korean drama.. it is because:
-japanese drama seems more relax and doesn't make audience stress to watch as korean drama,
-japanese drama were make in less episode which every episode have their own cases,
-japanese drama always have their own new character that not only idol can act naturally but singer, director, and mamy more were cast in the drama..


Dec. 25th, 2014 10:02 am
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Lately I feel like Arashi ni Shiyagare being Himitsu no Arashi-chan...miss the old studio...even it look small but it happening...the millenium studio is look empty..miss miss...
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let this be my entire life experience once.
this sunday 2 november 2014 will be my convocation day from national university of malaysia..
hope i can do better in my life with my result and get proper occupation...

still arashi wouldn't leave from my life dictionary...
love you guys alot..
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wow, let's waiting for arashi and my convocation days will be coming this year.. hope everything will doing best and nothing bad occurs..

how arashian thinks about their holiday??? just continue to be in the slumber state...
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waiting time for exam... lets watch other johnnys artist piece of carreer... in arena of entertainment


Apr. 1st, 2014 07:54 pm
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it is april month... i really nervous waiting to arashi member drama and movie... hope they will airing it as soon as possible complete with the eng sub... to the fansubber, your time will begin.. hope everything goes well..
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please to all people out there.. dont try to sneak around yourself onto others personnel matter.. it could lead to suicide just if they see other comment even they dont know the reality. are you lawyer to decide what they wanna do??

their married or divorce or whatever thing it is.. if they announce it, let it be happen naturally. its hard enough for them to live in celebrity mode, just give them privacy time to not being touch by others.. if not, how do you call that life? its more like you make them as puppet.

celebrity also have their own human right too..


Dec. 24th, 2013 05:12 pm
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after so much thing downloaded.. i got bored.. doesnt know what more to download.. arashi things video subbed were all nowhere else to found.. arashi ni shiyagare are hard to see the new version that fully subbed.. since it is exam period.. got to find something to release my tension and i got new kdrama after several week hesitating to download.. jdrama?? of course always the first thng to download... furthurmore, nino, aiba and sho solo host program: is it enjoyable to watched??? i'm still in choosing to downloaded it or not...
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hello... does anyone have arashi around asia 2006 full disk that can be upload and download easily??? i found the video in Pideo but it is not easy to download since i just use speedvid downloader.. also my internet line were poor... so.. i really hope tthere someone reupload the full dvd again.. just got arashi around asia taipei concert 2006 only... also in spanish, i dont understand at all.. huhu
doeas anyone also have johnnys jr thanks giving 2013 concert and jump e zenkoku 2013 concert??? hope i got the subbed one.. onegai!!!!


Nov. 1st, 2013 07:42 pm
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next week, i got semester break... tonight, we will go holiday with 80 friend before going separate to hometown... we'll be OPKIM'13 in terengganu... lets cuti-cuti Malaysia...


Oct. 29th, 2013 02:37 pm
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Although I am taking islamic study, I keep thinking about japanese cultures and I just need to finish study 2 semester more with undecided title for my thesis and also proposal project.. hope everyone can support me....
Looking other thesis..
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fufufu.. lately i found out about johnnys thanksgiving concert.. but it doesnt have eng subtitles.. i need to reconsidered 100 times to download it or not.. and sadly, i decide to wait until it have sub, it just waste of time of i download it raw but then they will said that the subbed video will be upload without any softsub..

so, i gamble my internet lines to not download the files, it is soooo biiigg files until almost 10gb.. hope there will be the sub asap..

i keep trying to find more about arashi and other group as well.. but still the same information since everyday will be only 24 hour people keep in touch...

i still finding more about all japanaese artist video subbed files, i want to learn japanese too and try to be translator to help other comm making subbed video, but my language just on basic level. i need to learn more after this..

just feel that arashi song; PARADOX part sakurai sho; it is just feel not right when i heard his voice in music station performance... semms to be the tone for his part were too low.. like it is hard part for him to maintain his low voice without dissappearing his sound plus his dancing.. btw, i love all arashi song whether it is old or new song..... keep it up!


Oct. 18th, 2013 11:27 pm
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i might be not very open person to people... but last days i was told that some of my friend telling others on my bad habit.. it still feel hurt and without knowing, i need to do assignment with them... put aside to my hurt feeling, it does effected our friendship and now i cant control my feeling, i keep silence in my class from talking with them...
but, it feels refresh when i pleasure myself with what i love (surfing internet) even though it doesnt have relation with my course at all... i do some times feel so lazy to study... but i still need to rewatching japanese school drama that can help people inspiring to study hard.. (thats the very good point in japanese show - it is definitely have some encouragement and good information delivered to all audience...
thats why i dont really watch tv since it will only show negative side of parties political part and 100% love story drama / eerie movie... i dont get what the purpose for them to make that story...
differently, it easy for me to recognise the main objective on japanese show that could be hidden message..
even it is difficult to find subbed version, i hope everything is going well and continuous by all effort of fansubbers community..
i highly aprreciate , thank you for all the subbed that fan comm give us... we need to follow their rules since it is also hard to not being disrespect to the owner or being disclaimer from distributor company...

-i still find eng subbed of USO JAPAN arashi part full show, but still only get afew only.. if anyone have all ep of that show, feel free to inform me... love arashi part to do disclosure eerie place..
-by the way, is it true ohno satoshi of arashi have 6th sense and can see ghost??? hehe, thats cool..
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we were blackout for 12 hours!!!
during that time, i keep thinking about arashi member.. i'm keeping my hope for them to participate in and performs in Mnet Asian Music Award (MAMA) asap...
i really hope arashi will win Japan Category for Best Selection Artist Around Asia-Japan... with their latest song and activity, arashi should gain more popularity whole the world and award for keeping their place in music industry for 14 years as 1 full group that still active as artist, musician, actor, model and...
yes, i really hope their subbed show will be continues by all the fansubbed community without any violation of rules by other...
really hope for arashi came to malaysia once... majority artist choose to perform at thailand, singapore and indonesia, but do they know malaysia is between those country and why we be skipped??? we really hope other artist would come to perform grand concert such as Super Junior that always come to malaysia...


Aug. 6th, 2013 12:43 pm
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its gonna be hari raya in our country and we got holiday festival... lets have fun and clear our mind before return to work again...
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its been a long time for me to update my current status... i don't know why, it just came to mind for typing something in this journal... everybody keep says joining community for downloading videos subbed... i suddenly feel annoyed to do a veeeerrrryyyy lloooooooonnnnggg promising contract b4 joining their journal

i know it is for their benefit, even it is difficult to get some files... hope they will always do subbing... by the way, good luck everyone.
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all the link were credit to the owner... get thanks to them...

1st time

Mar. 17th, 2013 01:05 pm
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glad to meet you
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